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Inspire. Educate. Advocate.

I created the TAP IN wellness journal for one simple reason: to help you create a daily practice of mindful curiosity. While the daily quotes, TAP IN prompts, mindfulness challenges, and yoga poses are intuitive and easy to do, make no mistake; habitual use of TAP IN is life changing. Deeper clarity, fresh creativity and enhanced joy are just some of the benefits of using the TAP IN journal a few minutes each day.

I am certified in Mindfulness and Mental Health First Aid and a passionate advocate for wellness education and accessibility. It bothers me that wellness is fast becoming a luxury industry when living well requires no special equipment.

I fervidly believe that wellness belongs to everyone, so I created TAP IN Give Out. Each purchase of a TAP IN journal helps to support wellness and healthy living in under-resourced communities. So, when you buy a TAP IN journal you are making a decision to not just transform your life, but the lives of others as well.

Enjoy this process; have fun! To further your wellness journey check back often for updated resources, articles and stories. This is a community.

You also can find me creating and writing at Sherrelle: for the clever and curious, a platform dedicated to wellness, travel, and creative living. Follow @iamsherrelle and @tapinjournal and tag your wonderful, inspiring life #tapinjournal.

Be well.


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