The TAP IN journal uses the sun and ocean waves
as powerful symbols of energy and movement,
of radiance and rejuvenation.

TAP IN to how you're feeling and what you need
to be happy, healthy and whole, today.

A Beautiful Way To Start Your Day

Increased energy.

Deeper clarity.

Fresh creativity.

Enhanced joy.

TAP IN wellness journal, a beautiful way to start your day with tea and a muffin.
TAP IN wellness journal has yoga poses, an inspirational quote and daily prompts to begin your day in gratitude and mindfulness.

How Do You TAP IN?

TAP IN To Give Out

TAP IN wellness journal supports wellness in under resourced communities.
TAP IN wellness journal on the beach.

TAP IN: A Daily Practice for a More Creative, Focused and Joyful Life


The TAP IN journal is mindful curiosity about
how you're feeling and what you need to be
happy, healthy, and whole, today. Learn More

“Blank pages can be intimidating. I so appreciate the writing prompts provided. Five minutes a day to tap into my life and center myself for the day ahead. That’s it!” - Dawn R.

“I waited to see if a cynical distracted person would really start her day writing in a wellness journal. It wasn’t likely. But two weeks later I haven’t missed a morning. It’s a quick and easy check-in with a fun quote, a yoga pose and just the right amount of prompts to keep you focused on the day ahead.” - Andrea S.